Sterling silver vulva necklace with sterling silver coffee bean

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Made by myself, Liam Berge in the heart of Scotland this is a Sterling silver Vulva with a sterling silver Colombian coffee bean necklace is ready to be gifted or even to be enjoyed as a nice treat for yourself. As with in real life, each pendant varies slightly as they are made one at a time to order. If you have any requests please ask.

About the bean: This coffee bean is a Columbian Supremo coffee bean that was roasted from a green bean by myself and then after some hard work at the workbench I had crafted it into a solid fine silver coffee bean. The bean then had moulds made from it which allowed casts to be made in multiple materials. 

GIFTING: If this is a gift and you need anything specific , if you need it wrapped, or a personal card etc let me know and I can try to accommodate where possible.

DELIVERY: It may take up-to 3-5 days to post your order - please understand that I work another job 3 days a week away from the workbench so this is to give me a safety net in not being late on delivery.

PACKAGING: I am environmentally minded so the tissue paper, thank you card and postage box are all recyclable.