Pictured are three sets of coffee bean earrings hanging from their hooks resting on the lip of a beige coffee cup. From left the earrings are a brass set, a red bronze set and a sterling silver set made as Colombian coffee beans.
Pictured is a black box with the logo on the face of it, sitting on a beige plate surrounded in coffee bean jewellery.
Pictured are six pieces of jewellery placed to form a star, with each necklace chain placed in different directions to create a six sided star.
Pictured is a set of red bronze Colombian coffee bean drop earrings hanging form a beige coffee cup with a Red bronze coffee bean necklace hanging from a plate in the distance out of focus.
In the picture is me Liam, working at my workbench sanding down the sprue from a cast coffee bean ready to turn it into a special piece of jewellery. The wooden desk has a green cutting mat across it with tools resting around it.

Hey, I'm Liam and thank you for browsing my store!

So Coffee Bean Culture begun back in 2020 after a silversmithing course at the Silverhub Studios in Edinburgh where I fell in love with the craft and wanted to combine my love of coffee with the joy I get from working with my hands.

It's been such a blast making this grow, from selling at a coffee festival, to seeing my work in the shelves of some of my favourite coffee shops, this is my favourite job and I'm super grateful to continue doing it.

I offer a range of beans from multiple bean varieties to different base materials so there is something for all the coffee lovers but if there is something specific you're looking for that you don't see then get in touch as I'm always interested in trying something new and working together.

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

I love to see my jewellery out in the world, so if you feel like sharing and would like to see your picture up on the site, why not tag me on Instagram at @Coffeebeanculture or use the hashtag #coffeebeanculture. Alternativly you can email me at Liam@coffeebeanculture.com

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