Adjustable Colombian Coffee Bean Ring in sterling silver

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Introducing our sterling silver adjustable coffee bean ring. Each ring is handcrafted capturing the essence of your love for coffee in a wearable art form. These unique rings feature a solid sterling silver bean, ensuring durability and a perfect fit. With their adjustable design, these rings offer versatility and comfort for every finger size. Whether you're enjoying a morning brew or embracing a coffee break, our adjustable coffee bean rings are a delightful way to showcase your passion for the world's favorite beverage. Indulge in the irresistible allure of our handmade adjustable coffee bean rings and let your love for coffee shine through with every gesture.


About the bean: This coffee bean is a Columbian Supremo coffee bean that was roasted from a green bean by myself and then after some hard work at the workbench I had crafted it into a solid fine silver coffee bean. The bean then had moulds made from it which allowed casts to be made in multiple materials. 

Ordering: When you order, please measure the circumference of your finger so that I can make this the best fit possible to you, although it is adjustable it is still good to size it right. This can be done by wrapping some string round your finger, and then measuring this against a ruler. If you leave your measurements in the notes when ordering, if no measurements are left then I will make it to an average size. 

Gifting: If this is a gift and you need anything specific , if you need it wrapped, or a personal card etc let me know and I can try to accommodate where possible.


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