Adjustable Colombian Coffee Bean Ring in sterling silver

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Made by myself, Liam Berge in the heart of Scotland this is an adjustable Sterling silver coffee bean ring which is ready to be given to that special coffee lover or even to be enjoyed as a nice treat for yourself. 

About the bean: This coffee bean is a Columbian Supremo coffee bean that was roasted from a green bean by myself and then after some hard work at the workbench I had crafted it into a solid fine silver coffee bean. The bean then had moulds made from it which allowed casts to be made in multiple materials. 

Ordering: When you order, please measure the circumference of your finger so that I can make this the best fit possible to you, although it is adjustable it is still good to size it right. This can be done by wrapping some string round your finger, and then measuring this against a ruler. If you leave your measurements in the notes when ordering, if no measurements are left then I will make it to an average size. 

Gifting: If this is a gift and you need anything specific , if you need it wrapped, or a personal card etc let me know and I can try to accommodate where possible.

Delivery: It may take up to 3-5 days to dispatch your order. 

PackagingI am environmentally minded so the tissue paper, thank you card and postage box are all recyclable.

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